Welcome to MI Legal Pros, PLLC

MI Legal Pros is a Metro-Detroit area firm that specializes in the areas of Bankruptcy, Social Secuirty Appeals (SSI/DIB), and Veterans' Appeals.

MI Legal Pros provides legal services to disenfranchised individuals in our community.  When people have worked to build this country and fought to protect it, and are denied benefits, they need individuals who know the law and can help them obtain the social security and veterans’ benefits they deserve.  At MI Legal Pros, we do just that.  With eighteen combined years of experience in this practice area, we know what it takes to win cases and get clients the benefits they are entitled to.

MI Legal Pros provides legal services to clients facing economic difficulties.  With the current economy, many people are losing their jobs.  When times are tough, clients need attorneys who can protect their assets, help them eliminate debt and in some cases help them retain their homes.  With our knowledge of bankruptcy law, MI Legal Pros helps our clients protect the assets they've worked hard to obtain.

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